Through affiliated companies, VSS has the capability to provide a variety of other services in the oilfields. These include the supply of all food and water requirements for oilfield facilities, the management of all oilfield transport requirements, camp management, communications installations, the provision of physical security (fencing / cameras / lights) and the supply and construction of oilfield camps. VSS provided the civil manpower (non technical) and the security services to Sudd Petroleum Operating Company (SPOC) at Thar Jath in Unity State from April 2013 till January 2014 when the internal conflict forced the evacuation of that facility.


In Juba, VSS is responsible for the security of locations, staff and assets of  NGO’s, Embassies and private institutions.  These include Schlumberger, CNPC, ZPEB, ONGC, Goal Ireland, G4S, Action Africa Help International (AAHI), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Tristar to name a few.

Other services also provided include VIP escorts, security consultancy, and unarmed response.


The Mobile Patrol Teams consists of a vehicle manned by a Driver, Supervisor, and Armed or Unarmed Guards. The MPTs are available to be deployed to escort and protect personnel such as VIPs, engineers, surveyors, de-miners and inspectors operating in remote or high threat level areas, such as road building or renovation projects, bridge construction, or aggregate harvesting sites, and to patrol large acreage industrial, agricultural or construction perimeters, such as water sourcing and distribution, energy generation, oil exploration and production, and mineral extraction sites.


Our Rapid Response Teams comprise a vehicle with Driver, Supervisor, Military Intelligence Liaison Officer and 2 Armed or Unarmed Guards. Teams are equipped with VHF radios and are controlled by our 24/7 Control Room. Rapid Response Teams are currently only based in Juba to mann, protect and respond to any issues in any sector including commercial enteprises