All are able bodied, fit and competent to carry out the duties of a Security Guard (whether armed or unarmed). The principle requirements for recruitment are fitness, discipline, English literacy and intelligence. All guards undergo a vetting process of the Police Criminal Investigation Department. Once vetted, they are provided with a clearance certificate which enables them to undergo a security training course. Every recruit undergoes our rigorous internationally managed training course at our dedicated training facility.


The VSS Armed Guard Force personnel have previous military experience and undergo a 12 day unarmed security guard training course, after successfully passing the unarmed training they undergo a further intense 5 day theoretical & practical training course specific to the particular weapon they will be issued with. The course entails international standards on firearms handling, rules of engagement as well as local legislation pertaining to the possession, handling & use of firearms.  The training is conducted by an International Training Manager.


Static unarmed guards are all civilians, like the armed recruits the unarmed guards undergo a 12 day unarmed security guard training course. This prepares them to fulfil their role as security guards, including access control, traffic management, crisis management, incident response, foot patrols, surveillance as well as basic first aid and fire-fighting.


VSS Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) work around your requirements and schedule. VSS can offer you 24 hour protection during your stay within South Sudan.

All VSS CPO’s are weapons and first aid trained. VSS can offer you armed or unarmed CPO’s depending on your requirements and needs.


VSS expat management are all experienced in conducting security audits and risk assessments, catering to the clients needs.


VSS offers a Cash in Transit service to its clients. VSS offer two options for clients. VSS will provide a case sensitive proposal to a client prior to any collection of cash or other valuables.

Option 1 – VSS offer the use of dedicated and specially manufactured CIT armoured vehicles which clients can rent on a daily basis. VSS will provide its own driver and a second back-up vehicle as part of the CIT move. VSS will collect the cash from Point A and deliver it to point B.

Option 2 – VSS offer an escort service in which a three man team will escort the client’s designated person from Point A to point B.

Clients remain responsible for sufficient insurance cover and VSS will only collect sealed boxes.


VSS offers armed & unarmed convoy escort services for cargo & personnel.


VSS has vast experience in crisis evacuation planning and execution. VSS can provide bespoke evacuation plans for your organisation.


Enjoy a hassle free arrival at Juba International Airport by using VSS Meet and Greet service. You will be met from the plane by a member of the VSS management team and taken to a lounge where you can relax while we do all the hard work for you. Once your baggage has been collected, we will convoy you to your residence/place of work.


VSS can offer clients in country training such as:

  • Driver training
  • Firefighting training
  • First Aid
  • Situation Awareness
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Guard training


VSS offers a Personal, Vehicle and an Asset tracking service within South Sudan. The system is a Hybrid system which utilizes both GPRS and GSM for communication links between the unit and the VSS control room. The unit is pre-programmed to send specific encoded messages at dedicated intervals which are then decoded through decoding software installed on a dedicated CPU in the VSS control room. The management software provide remote operations like disabling the vehicle. The management software is continuously monitoring the device. The system is linked to all major online maps ie. Google maps, tracks for Africa etc. The developers are continuously improving map studios for the system which is automatically uploaded to the device.

VSS uses one specific brand of hardware for the Personal, Vehicle and Asset tracking which offer very powerful positioning hardware. The vehicle tracking units have a range of optional extras – for example

  • Panic buttons
  • microphones
  • Fuel sensors
  • Early movement warning sensor

VSS offer as a standard package the response and recovery service for clients.

VSS will provide a detailed monthly report to clients with specific mention of routes used, driver behaviour i.e. speeding, harsh braking etc.


VSS has a range of electronic security products to enhance the overall safety and security of client premises.

Some of those products include: –

  • Panic & intruder alarm systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Bio-Metric (Fingerprint) and proximity card or pin electronic access control systems Electronic door locks
  • Turnstile gates, single or bi-directional entry
  • Smoke and fire alarm systems
  • Electric fencing – Linked to an electronic alarm system
  • Motion activated security lighting – LED 30 – 300Watt

The Panic and or Intruder alarm and / or electric fence systems will be linked, via a VHF radio, to the VSS central control Center in Juba, which is manned 24/7. In the event of any alarm activation the VSS Rapid Response Team will be dispatched to the location to deal with any eventuality.


Here is why you should use our services


  • Corporate Safety.  Support and trust from host nation due to the reintegration strategy for former soldiers, business ethics and the employment opportunities we create.  
  • Training. All guards are initially trained and tested on a highly demanding and professionally organised training course.  The basic training course is 12 days & a refresher training course is 6 days. After completion of the basic training course Armed Guards undergo an intense 5 day theoretical & practical training course specific to the particular weapon they will be issued with. The course entails international standards on firearms handling, rules of engagement as well as local legislation pertaining to the possession, handling & use of firearms.  The training is conducted by an International Training Manager.
  • Strength and Depth of Management.  We respond to problems immediately because we maintain a real depth of management. Currently, VSS employs 5 International Managers, all with considerable security experience and over 25 local managers, all of whom have been developed from within our own ranks.
  • Compliance.  VSS is a South Sudan registered company. All required certificates and licenses, both corporate and individual are held.
  • Insurance.  VSS holds the high levels of insurance; Public Liability $2M; Employer Liability $1.4; Group Personal Accident (Workers’ Compensation) 5 years earnings.