All of our employees are able bodied, fit and competent to carry out the duties of a Security Guard (whether armed or unarmed). The principle requirements for recruitment are fitness, discipline, English literacy and intelligence. All guards undergo a vetting process of the Police Criminal Investigation Department. Once vetted, they are provided with a clearance certificate which enables them to undergo a security training course. Every recruit undergoes our rigorous internationally managed training course at our dedicated training facility.


We follow formal recruiting procedures through our training and HR departments, including background checks. Recruitment is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Rules and Regulations for Private Security Companies issued by the Ministry of Interior, Republic of South Sudan.


The VSS training program is managed by an internationally trained and qualified instructor to international standards. Guards re-qualify in essential skills annually.

Guards are taught the following Subjects

  • Introduction to VSS - The Security Guard
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Guard
  • Radio Communications
  • Access Control
  • Patrolling
  • Searching
  • Conflict Management – Self Defence and Submission
  • First Aid
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Occurrence Book – Incident Reports – Vehicle and Visitors Registers

Strength and Depth of Management

We respond to problems immediately because we maintain a real depth of management. Currently, VSS employs 5 International Managers, all with considerable security experience and over 25 local managers, all of whom have been developed from within our own ranks.

Provide leadership courses for the development of personnel to higher ranks as well as senior management positions.

Relationship with the Veterans

The VSS Guard Force armed personnel consist of demobilised Wounded Heroes (by definition of the War Veterans Society) recruited from the SPLA Demobilisation, Decommissioning and Reintegration Programme.